Screaming Cathedrals
2001-12-13 07:35:42 (UTC)

Gah I can t wait until I get my..

Gah I can't wait until I get my new car. Only about a week
or so left. I had to break into the beast the other night
because I locked my keys in there... it was TONS of fun,
lemme tell you.
I also can't wait to get my back piece finished. I think
it's going to take two more sittings, though.
When I got back from work today I found out that Ryan seems
to have been dumped by Stephie... or so he thinks. She said
she needed an indefinate time off, or something like that.
I wish it were easier for him to find someone that
understood him and what he's been through and someone who
could spend time with him. It just seems like he gets the
short end of the stick all the time.
But... it's always like that. The good people are always
the ones who get the shaft. If it's not one thing... it's
always something else.
I know, I've been there. Hell, I'm still there. I thought
things were looking up in my life, but now it seems that my
mother's health is quickly failing. I don't know what I'd
ever do without her. She's been the backbone in my life for
so long, I don't know if I could function without her.
It never matters what I do, or how long I'm gone, how
ungrateful I've been.... nothing matters. She has never
turned her back on me. I can't remember one time in my life
when I've ever been at odds with her. I haven't fought with
her as long as I can remember.
Maybe it's because she's always been so understanding.
I hope if I ever have children (which, if I do will be in
the FAR FAR future) I'm as good as a mother to them as she
was with me.
But... anyway...
Maine is getting closer and closer every month. I hope I
have the money to go when I need to. I'm going to start up
a banking account and deposit my checks strait into there.
Maybe then it wont burn a hole through my pocket so fast.