Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-12-13 07:32:05 (UTC)

Here's where I begin to stop thinking about him..

Just another day in the life of a loveridden fool.

Spoke to JeM today, she's cool with me putting her name in
that note...kinda a relief....

KrW, who's my only real mutual tie to JaC as far as I
know, asked me to come out with her tomorrow night....just
might. Not if J will be there, but 'cause I need a night
out before this weekend..I'm working Fri&Saturday

Called the bar where we played darts each week today, gave
them a message letting them know I won't be going anymore.

Two strange phone calls today....on my cell....saw the odd
city digits on my call log & dialed them back, I admit
there was a faint hope that J would have called...maybe to
say he was sorry he's such an asshole....I don't really
wanna hear his voice, just wanna hear him admit to being a
stupid fuck. I want to hear him whimper, beg me to come
back.....fat chance.

Here's where I begin to stop thinking about him.


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