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2001-12-13 06:50:33 (UTC)

O Brother - Pt IV

I stood off to the side and smoked with Martina. Bill was
there. A friend of Mark's came up and spoke to me. She
started to cry. I hugged her and started to cry. The sky
was blue and clear and there were seed pods from some
southern tree on the ground. Mark's father spoke to me
and said "let's talk later this week"

I got in the car. We went to my mother's. I didn't want
to leave the cemetary. I went in the house and got my car
keys and said to Martina: let's go. As we drove up the
street I said "would you think I was completely crazy if I
said that I wanted to go back to the cemetary and help bury
my brother?" She said no. We went back. There were three
men shoveling dirt onto his coffin. I walked up to one
and asked him if he would mind if I helped. They looked
unsurprised to see me in a suit and dress shoes and asking
politely for a rake. They were almost finished. A woman
driving a front loader came driving up with a load of
dirt. It was almost dark. We pulled dirt out of the front
loader and pushed it into the grave. When it was full I
gave the rake back and said "thank you" to the men. The
one who had understanding eyes and a kind face nodded
knowingly. I walked to the car. Martina and I held hands
and drove back to my Mother's. I asked her not to tell