De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-12-13 06:32:27 (UTC)

Carolling by the Harbour

Wednesday 12/12/01

Basically slept the whole afternoon away, after sending YL
off the night before.. and did my laundry as well : P

went out for dinner with se yan and kelvin at our fave Ye
Jun for Crispy Chicken!! yeahhhh... really

by now, Wellington's getting very prepped up for the Lord
of the Rings premiere on Dec19, the decorations have been
set up along the streets and Dymocks even had the body
armour of the characters all displayed in their window case.

Courtenay Place, the street leading to the Embassy, which
will host the premiere, will be closed on Dec19 and red-
carpetted. There will be a street party on that day as
well.. it's all gettin very exciting over here as the
Wellingtonians really take pride that the entire film is
shot and produced here in Wellington, New Zealand.

and the yuletide season has beckoned! we were walking home
after the yummy dinner when we saw that Frank Kitts Park,
by the harbour as hundreds of people gathering in front of
the stage..only then we realised that there is a carolling
performance goin on... really nice to hear all the fave
christmas tunes being sung, and the zany performances by
the elves and even a flying santa hangin on a rope from a
helicopter! the festive spirit has everyone
cheering...fantastic... this will be the 1st christmas away
from my family..they'll be in genting highlands and then
back to celebrate all of us will be havin
fun still!

meanwhil have a Merry Christmas from Middle Earth!! hohoho