2001-12-13 05:51:56 (UTC)

...get over it!

And that's what I've done. My friends were so good to me
last night. Although, I was in a terribly awful mood about
the whole MJP situation, they were concerned and attempted
to cheer me up. They don't know exactly how much I
appreciate their being around. And, to be honest, I'm not
sure how I would've gotten through this without their being
there for me.

Going to the all-night caf for omelets at 2 am was exactly
what I needed. Having people around for me to talk
vent scheme with (just joking). I don't hate MJP
for what he did. It's just rather disappointing to find
the truth about him.

After my jury today, I returned to Smith and used my
computer for a while. When Michelle came back from
breakfast, she was returning some DVDs of Luke's, so I told
her to get Chuck to come down because I needed to go to IT
to get my webpin, so I could log on over break. Anyway, he
got up...and eventually we all ended up playing Xbox and
not getting much else done. When Luke decided to pack up,
we dispersed for a while. Eventually, we ended up the
three of us (Chuck, Brian and myself) hanging out in my
room as I packed to go home. Then Chuck realized we had
yet to go to IT. So, we trekked across the field hockey
field. When we walked in the door, who was working but
MJP. The surprised look on his face was absolutely
priceless. It was so classic (I wish I'd had a camera)!
That was a bust, but oh well.

We returned to Smith, and eventually ended up hanging out
with Ian. Which, led to carrying shelves back to his
room. (He just so happens to live next to So,
we were chatting there for a bit and then decided it was
time to head back to Smith, by way of Heilman, of course.
Before my parents came, Brian and I were hanging out in his
room for a while. And that was virtually my evening. My
parents came, I went home. And now am playing with my
brother's little kitten, Roxie.

A bit happier,