Product of a Broken Home
2001-12-13 04:44:09 (UTC)

Re: I hate myself...again

as a coninuation of the last entry i wrote, i would have
done it sooner, but the page refused to load, anyway.
i'm quite thankful, aaron doesn't hate, and is being rather
sympathetic, which i'm glad for, because i'm not sure what
i would have done if he wasn't, i was counting on him not
being in a way.
and we got back together..but of course, i never wrote that
we broke up, the reasons fior that aren't
important..anyway, its really nice to be back with him, the
weekend sucked..and monday was pretty damn hard, and i just
really don't want to be alone right now, but its not that,
so much as wanting to be with aaron..if that made any
sense. but yeah, alone jst isn't a good thing right now,
cause i really don't think i could handle it. this weekend
was just too much. funny, catfish boy {aka, chester}
actually pretty much made me see just how much i want to be
with aaron, just the opposite of what he was going for.
the group pretty much hates me now, i'm the bad guy in the
realtionship, and so yeah, they view me as..not good. it
sucks, everyone minus annette, mel, and fiona, is
condeming it. damn friends. i hope they get over it pretty
quickly. i still feel reallt weird sitting at that table,
they all kind of glare at me. argh.


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