bitch-it's a compliment
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2001-12-13 04:43:19 (UTC)

What's wrong with everyone?

I'll start from the begining. So I became friends with
these really cool people. I started hanging out with these
two girls who are best friends. Lets call them jamie and
sarah. Well I hang out more with sarah cause jamie always
complains that she has to stay home and do homework. She's
a bitch when she doesn't take her prozac. She never likes
having fun either, like normal immature teenager fun. Well
awhile ago me and sarah went out at lunch for a smoke.
jaime got all bitchy and said we ditched her. Well sarah's
aunt had told sarah something jaime had said about her.
She said that she said that every since she's been hanging
out with me that sarah has been turning into a toatl
bitch. Which I think she's just jealous that she's having
FUN with me. God I don't know. Sarah told me not to say
anything to her but it's bothering me so bad that she can
just talk behind evryone's back like that.