even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-13 04:24:43 (UTC)

i love sangria wine

so.. icant; rmemebr what i was thinkign i would write,
cause im a loser... ive been wrting less, and reading less,
though when i read, i dont; write as much.. id like to
write more thiough, and i will... so today ther was an
evactuation at school cbecause of a bomb threat and it was
rainy and wet, but i found sam, then frieman, and vihn and
kennedy, and we chilled, and it was fun.. frieman was like,
SNIFFFFF you're hair smells good.. and i wa slike, yes
thanks, i washed it today, it was odd.. and he icke dme up,
yes thta little boy, strong, but little, and like, ha dm
oen hs shoulders,a nd my ass got smacked.. i think by thad,
ti was so odd.. and the monkey asked me how to read a
dradel,a nd it slike, jew think i know? hehe...i enjoy
those boys, less the monkey, but the rest.. even though
they talk about mastrubation all the time, but i think
thats a guy thing, and maybe you have to have testicles to
understand.. which i do not.. but ithat doesnt; mean i
can;t do the dance.. so afte school, the gave us "lunch"
for free, cause of the thingo, peopel couldn;t eat, that
was nice, so i went nd got food, twice, just cause i could,
an i hadn;t eaten anyway... in spanish she gaves us cokes
for free, and i hadn;t had a coke in a long time, and i
drank one anyway, caue i figure, take advantage of the
spanish teacher being nice.. so,w aht the hell, right? and
i drink it, and i feel bad, so i drink it slowly, and i
finish it, an di have to pee, so i leave class, and pee,
and then class is over, and i go tol unch and i start to
feel a little weird... so.. im like, i ahvent; eaten, i
drank a soda, its the bubbles.. but really, the caffien was
kicking in.. and it was terrible.. i got all jittery i
guess, and i kind of got vocal and goofy about mike and aum
and the marines... and i held true, that they couldnt kill
anyone, and kelly backed me up, and was like, mike, you're
ah ippie, you coudn;t kill people, and i was like, bullshit
mike! you coud;nt kill anything! bullshit! i don't believe
you! and, i think i can win... mike is a fun boy.. we dont;
chill enough, but we should... oh, and we will.. hehe...
that makes me smile, i asked for a hug after lunch form
mike, cause i felt liek i needed it... and i think i did..
all that killing people, and it was one of those smooth
talk righ tino tthe ear hugs, and i wal sike, you can't
kill people... i don;t rmemebr hwat happened after that..
im mean there was the evactuation drill... and andrew is so
much fun.. and vihn is tooo, id never really tlaked to
him,a nd they mesh really well with sam.. also.. today
joselin has been kind of weird, and yesterday and i felt
bad, cause we'd been tlkaig about her and sam, us being
everyone, and i guess candice told her.. and she wrote me a
note in spanish, and it was like, katy, i love you, you're
my best freind, and you're great, but, i feel like im not
getting the same back form you.. i need you but do you need
me? somehting to the affect of that... and its like, i
suck.. and iw rote her a not eback, an d said sorry,a dn i
suck... and afer class i gave her a hug, and joslein
statred crying, and we went out into the hall, and she
cried, and it was sad, but good, i think... in the end...
and klinger saw us in the hall, and was like, what?! and i
wanted to be like, giev the girl a hug! but i didn't...sam
and joselin came after over school,a dn we chilled, and it
was good, and after right atfer school, ther was upposed to
be amnesty international, but i guess it was cancelled, but
kelly, me, josh hite and that dustin kid sat outside mrs
azbills room and talked anywa, and it was kind of nice...
but, i kwno what everyone says when they say josh makes
them feel bad about themselves.. mayeb it s becaue hes a
jew.. but im tired, and rambling, liek the caffine! ahhhh...

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