The Need to Write
2001-12-13 04:23:45 (UTC)

It is official I am a student again

The day came, and I wasn’t even expecting it. I didn’t
read the paper the day before so I didn’t know that it was
yesterday. But it was. I went out to get the mail and
there was the envelope, not a thin regular sized one, but a
large, fat one. And it was good news. I got accepted into
a course at Uni. A graduate entry program in Information
Studies. I was so happy, happier than I have been in
days. I was so surprised to get the offer considering I
had only put in the application a week ago and I thought
that it would come with the main round of offers, not the
early one. What a surprise, and a happy one. I have
already said that haven’t I. If I was to be accepted at all.

I have accepted the offer today and I am just waiting to
receive the information that I need for enrollment. That
won’t happen till the New Year I should imagine. It is a
different university than the one that I attended last
year, but it is still a good one and close to home as well,
although I am planning on moving from where I am anyway. I
take the bus so it doesn’t matter that much. I have so
much to plan. I need to buy new clothes, it is an up-
market suburb where the Uni is and I need note books and oh
boy...text books and all that stuff, it will not come

It came at the right time, with Christmas just around the
corner. Every year my family (aunts and uncles) criticized
me on what I was going to do with my life, then I went to
Uni and got my Bachelor’s degree. Then this year I stopped
studying and was looking for work, unsuccessfully. So I
really didn’t want to go this year when I knew what was
waiting for me. Now I can say that I got in and I will be
studying. Both of my cousins went to this university so
they won’t be able to turn their noses up at me.

I am really looking forward to studying again in the New
Year. I feel that my brain has gone stagnant with out
stimulation and my writing has suffered. I can not seem to
come up with any good material lately. I hope that this
will unblock my creative side and let flow with great

One can only hope.

I have been trying to write a bit lately, nothing good as
yet, but I may come back to these pieces later and rework
them into something that will be a decent poem or story. I
am also going to subscribe to a few journals and literary
magazines so that I can get a feel for the market and
submit my work to them. That is if I have time between the
studying and the lectures and the assignments and essays
that will be due in the months to come.

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