Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-12-13 04:09:42 (UTC)

my mind is screwy

I dont really know whats going on right now. My mind is
going crazy and Im confused about everything. I've been
really down and out all night but this is just screwed up!
Example of how confused I am tonite: my grandma is staying
w/ me right now b/c she just had back surgeory. Everytime
she is near me she hasta get all mushy and she drives me
insane : "hunny gramma loves you" "darlin, ur beautiful"
"sweetheart give gramma kisses" and she walks by and blows
me kisses and uughh. I just cant handle it.. Im not one for
all that affection.. But anyhow-- she just got up to go to
the bathroom and on her way back she stopped in the doorway
and was like "hunny girl- gramma loves you" and was blowing
me kisses. I looked at her once and couldnt bear to look
anymore than that. I thought she was dead and it was her
ghost. I was really scared and so confused. I've never
been so creeped out in my life so i was just like "ok gram"
and ignored her b/c I couldnt get myself to look at her or
think about her right then. It was so weird. My mind is
so screwed up. I dont know if I can handle staying awake
any longer. I just woke up a few hours ago too. I sleep
after school so I dont hafta talk to anyone. But my mind
is tired... Im confused. I cant concentrate.. Im so screwed
up right now.