2001-12-13 04:09:29 (UTC)

How Do I get myself Into These Things?

Ok so Yesturday I broke up with Randy, Because someone
wanted things with me. Well today I felt really bad about
Randy, and I really missed him, but guess what? Whenever I
got home I started talking to my best friend online....hehe
cant say who it is, but we was cutting up and he said you
know ya love me, and i said as a friend with all my heart,
he said would it be wrong to say it was more, (IM LIKE
NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO) because I mean Ive liked this guy for a
year now. I dont just like this guy, I truely and honestly
love him with all my heart and soul, more than anyone, more
than I ever loved Shane, and well ya'll know how much I
love him. It's just this guy has always been there for me,
Hes always given me the best advice in the world, Hes been
the bestest friend to me than anyone could ever be, hes so
sweet, and caring, and sensitive, and fun, and crazy, I
remember one time we talked on the phone for three hours
just because he wanted me to help him with a problem he was
having, He's a junior, me and him almost got together this
time last year but something happened. I love him with all
my heart............but theres a problem........He just
broke up with my friend and she loves him a lot, and wellI
dont wanna hurt her any, HOw do I get myself into these
God I just love him sooooo much I can't stand it, I've
always loved him. Him and Shane are really close friends
though. Now I have 3 guys to worry about, 3 of the most
important guys in my life, Him, Shane and Randy.