le soleil et la lune
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2001-12-13 04:03:28 (UTC)

learning experience

Learned to never whine too much at Clary when he's PMSing
or he'll blow up. Learned something about someone that
leaves me queasy. I mean, I literally want to stick my
fingers down my throat and throw up. But anyway, past that.
Wyman is moving out tomorrow. I came home tonight and like
half of the stuff in the living room was gone. It was just
odd. The stereo, the speakers, the big tv, his VCR, all of
that was gone. It reminded me of when my dad lived in our
old house after we moved out. It was depressing. I've
come to the conclusion that instead of the 7 year itch my
mom has the 8 year itch. I honestly think that something
is going on with Jerry whether she wants to admit it or not.