somewhere over the rainbow
2001-12-13 03:57:13 (UTC)

12-12-01 9:44 pm

im so tired, phyiscaly and mentally. i just wanna wake up
one morning and be home alone. do nothing. just lay in bed all
day. life, like, whats the point of it. theres no
point of life.

yesterday, i was in gym class. we had a free day and we
were playing volleyball. on my team was me,kid named
justin, and a kid name jake. justin and i are terrible and
volley ball. jake is terrible too but he thinks hes good.
i messed up like twice and jake got mad. jake was always
real violent. jake punched me in the arm every time i
messed up. i tried to elzplain to him that it was just a
game, but he didnt listen. after i messed up about 5 times
he got really mad and made me go in the corner. he told me
not to leave the corner for any reason. i left the corner
a few times to get the ball that he missed. every time i
left the corner he would punch me harder and harder each
itme....why do i let guys push me around liek that? all
guys push me around. i guess im kinda used to it.
peoeple are always like "its not ur fault they hit u" and
it is my fault. its my fault for being stupid and making
them punch me. any ways, i bruise easily.

my grandpa called us today. his cancer that he had on his
lip that he got removed spread. its on his nose and his
lip still. things dont look good, its scary.

also, yesterday. we got progress reports (or or me non-progress
report). i got a D-,U,U,A. im usually pretty good in school. this
quarter ive been really bad. i have alot
goign on i guess. i need to take time out each night and
do my home work. thats my goal. no more missing
assignmentsfor the rest of the quarter. but untill then, i
think its time for the safty pin ride. toodles

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