The Angel Exposed
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2001-12-13 03:44:14 (UTC)

Working For British Gas (and introduction to me).

Hi, my unimportant, however I'm a 21 tragic
singleton with no boyfriend, only a handful of friends, and
a somewhat vicious cycle of a social life - not that I mind.

My life begins this year - or did on the 9th of July when I
began to work for British Gas (Scottish Gas if you want to
be specific). Not only did I meet my best friend Belinda
there but also began to get money, and get a bit of a
social life at least.)

However, since beginning working for British Gas I've
learned that the phone is actually the tool of Satan, and
his minions are the ones I have to deal with every day on
that line. From 8am til 6pm on a Monday, a Thursday, Friday
and Saturday, the headset I wear is the bane of my
existance. But my life is that I am a customer service
advisor, and not a very good one at that.

I have it rubbed in my face that my colleagues Steven and
Belinda are so much better at the job than I am while I am
struggling at wanting to be good, and just am rubbish.
Should have never left least if I had stayed
maybe Jason would have stayed as well and we'd still be
together. Maybe me and Donna still would have been friends
too and she wouldn't have had a baby and life would be the
way it was...

Life was easier then...even if the pay was bad.

So yeah, I am on a decent wage now however if I had a
contract I would be on a better wage and if I was better at
my job I'd probably have a contract.

I should go, it's nearly 4am...damn.

I'll write tomorrow.

- Angel Exposed