The Nightshade Princess
2001-12-13 03:07:54 (UTC)

Sanguine Rose

Today was LesTaT's and my 4 month anniversary. He
came over and we immediately connected again. Everything
one felt, the other did. We nearly cried when I spoke of
my joy over our relationship as tears welled up in my
eyes. He is so beautiful to me. I know I use that word
too often, but I believe that to be the best description I
have yet found for him. I love him so very much. When he
lets his soft mane of flaxen hair down from it's bondage in
his ponytail, I run my fingers through it and fall even
further in love each time. LesTaT, with his hair tumbling
over his milky shoulders, seems at times savagely playful,
and at others tragic - but always breathtaking. Moist,
blue eyes glittering in the dim lights, little, pink lips
beneath his golden fringe of a mustache, his loving arms
wrapped firmly around my shoulders or waist... even his
scent is captivating. I truly am in love. Father said
there would be a little celebration when he and I pass 2
more months together. I know we can make it. I've never
felt so warm and so loved. It means so very much to me
that my father respects and likes him. Father and I spoke
for a few minutes after LesTaT left. We spoke of marriage,
sex, and love, and also of my beloved. Father knows how
close he and I are, and has invited my dear one to spend
Christmas eve with us. We plan to have dinner too, but
LesTaT must check with his family.
Mother has gotten rather mean about the holiday... she
has threatened to use an attourney against father so that I
would forcibly spend Christmas with her. I doubt she would
win, since the divorce papers say otherwise, and even if
she did, she would pay with my silence. I would not speak
the entire time I was there, and that is more than an idle
threat... I've gone for whole school days at a time in
utter silence and done nothing more than trance out and
stare at walls. Sometimes my friends would try to talk to
me, but usually they go away when I give them the look that
says "let me fix this on my own." If they do not
understand my telepathy, I write only that I will not speak
today. I discovered, due to several internet web pages,
that there may be a cause for the insane intensification of
my senses of late, and my extreme emotional/psychic
sensitivity. I won't go into this here, but I will keep a
journal of any odd occurances on this subject separately.