Savage Garden
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2001-12-13 02:56:40 (UTC)

Life sucks, but death sucks even more.

I want to report I was extremely HAPPY today.

I got a puppy from my bf Mike.

Now I am completely MISERABLE.

I had to giver her up.

Her name was Buffy.

All becuase ....well...that would be nice if I knew why.

My mom said I had to.

All I am going to do is cry!

I had no where else to write this, besides my real hard
journal I burnt to ashes with my lighter just a little while

I gave her to my brothers friend. I mean its not so bad that
she lives across the street, but shes supposed to be MY dog!
I threw a hissy fit and said I didnt want anythinganymore.
Gave up the car and tossed everything my parents ever got
for me into the closet in my bedroom. So needless to say
I'll be sleeping in a pair of long johns and covered in

I dont see why I couldnt keep her ! I'm going to go and just
cry my eyes out.