Anne Fox
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2001-12-13 02:50:27 (UTC)

December 12th- AP BIO DONE!

One down, four to go!
Well, really only three, cause hopefully I will not
remember my fifth exam!
So, as I failed to mention yesterday, JB is a god and he is
very good- looking.
And he claims to have changed from flabby to amazing abs-
but i was sold to him before that... even though he's a
masshole brunette!
I am gonna DIE tomorrow during my English exam.
Have I mentioned that I am gonna hear from Duke in the next
three days!! Woo- woo! Rejection is my middle name.
So, after exams are over i am becoming anne-orexic. Right
now "studying" to me means eating and talking on the phone.
My biology exam today was not hard at all.
And to two certain dirty old men with whom i spoke
yesterday, I promise you EVERYTHING that I said was true.
Yes I have, but oh no I haven't!
Even moreso, I bet you haven't! (How the hell would you
We'll have to try things out, and then we'll see how that
I've been talking to a certain Lou today, and she claims
that everything we ever did together ended up with some
sort of nudity. And I can't argue.
So, Im continuing to stress about college, and not stress
about exams. What else is new?
I found out today that I am totally a porn star, as Dave
would say.
I'll keep on rocking like a porn star!
Everybody, quick go read Bonfire of the Vanities or Joan of

Good night and God Bless
Anne Catherine

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