Run Crystal Run
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2001-12-13 02:32:45 (UTC)

Let's Skip The Bullshit

ok, so i needed a new diary. od was an online disaster, and
bolt was just .. a whole nother story. (is nother a word?)
the end.
today i went to school. school. how fun. it's better than
sleeping all day.. i think. . . i got a 100% on my comm.
project. that's good. really good, crystal. congrats. when
FINALLY GOT HOME after walking, even though rob my "friend"
rob passed me in his nice car along with scott, i called
nate. boyfriend. he was in bed, sick. turns out he went
home from school early cuz he's ewwy..
i go to counseling, i go to wendy's for food. i get home,
call him. rather, he calls me. we talk. he still feels
he hangs up to eat.
he's not allowed to go to the dance with me. hmm. ok, i
usually dont' do dances, but i was locked up last christmas
(long story) and i want to participate in every xmas
activity there is in this rotten town. hence the angel
dance. goddamn cookies.. smell so good.. brb..
anyways, his mom doesn't trust us alone together anywhere
at all, so the dance is out for us. although i called her
up and begged her to let him go "i'll talk it over with my
i guess i'm goin' with the girls. girl. jamie.
maybe, just maybe, he'll get to go. miricles do happen. . .
tomorrow sounds fun. i have an orthodontist appt. not fun.
but. after that i'm going to get a present from my
caseworker. yayayayaya. my first present!!!!!! i am so
excited. then i'm going to go to the diner and see if the
add in the paper for a waiteress is still applicable. i
need a job like mad. i don't want to work weekends. at all
costs. maybe every other weekend. who knows. being a
waiteress sounds fun. even though you get paid SHIT. oh
well lll then i'm tired (not really) but still, i'm going
now. later.

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