Penny for my Thoughts
2001-04-04 19:20:03 (UTC)

I was saddened for a split..

I was saddened for a split second to see the words unwind
like a wheel going backwards. I Shuffle passion as it gives
itself wholly to me. Surrounded by sweet clarity and
flavorless doubt leaves the mind to wander. Ever changing
ways of the little child in me is screaming out for someone
to hear. And yet no one hears a thing.
Finding myself in the ruffled bunch of autumn leaves that
never seem to lose its color. But the life,...that's a
different story. Im just like an autumn leaf. Sitting and
waiting until it's my turn to fall helplessly to the ground
never losing my color, but never changing either.
Shallow thoughts and cucumber wateryness play an important
roll in my book. Drown me with my reasons to not cooperate.
It feels worse than it sounds.