Matt Skiba's offiCiaL GrouPiE
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2001-12-13 01:58:58 (UTC)


GRRRR i hope they all explode :|

i got up late and missed the damn bus again, and my sister
got mad cos she had to get her pussy ass outta bed early
for once.. she took me to school, then went to college
[early]. .. when she coulda went back home for an hour or
2.. it was only 7:30 and her class started at 10 !
she ends up gettin in an accident cos she cant freakin
drive.. and suddenly it's MY FAULT???

its NOT MY FAULT she decided to go THEN. its not MY FAULT
she was there at that time! it's not MY FAULT SHE HIT SOME
BITCH! how the hell can they blame ME for this shit?? OY i
hate people!

now on top of all this, i now have a fucking time limit to
be on the computer :| i swear, it's like bein in a fuckin
prison. i'm a jew surrounded by nazis. i have NO RIGHTS. i
have to get off the damn computer at 9:30 ?!?!?!?!?

HOW does the computer have ANY AFFECT on me getting up late
in the morning ?? i havent even been stayin up all that
late! the reason i was up late las night was cos of teh
surrender! and dad's the one that told me about that!

i hate my family... they have no clue what they are ever
fucking talking about.. they think they know everyting that
goes thru my head, and why it goes thru there. they think
they are a buncha therapists. they are SHIT.
well im done ranting for now :| bye.