Penny for my Thoughts
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2001-04-04 18:52:23 (UTC)

No more empty bottles and..

No more empty bottles and stained ash trays...yep I quit on
Sunday. Lovley, so completely lovely to not have that a
part of my life. And for all those tiring days that never
seem to end. This is it. All forward and no steps
And the day is rounding off to be a sunny one. Rain for
long periods of time can get to you sometimes. Changing
faces and losing the desire to walk as fast. Love bugs and
rich tales of human anxiety as one would lable it. Fortune
on a stick is about as good as it gets. Please hear these
thoughts and love them because they are quite true.
Lets see that again in rewind and followed by fast forward.
You'd see it then.
I can't help but find things that flow easier than wine.
Tasting like a fresh dream full of yellow.

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