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2001-12-13 01:37:22 (UTC)

hate people

people are dicks. just wanted to put that out there. on a
lighter note, i got accepted to albright, i
can't belive i found out so quickly. i was pretty excited.
i didn't think i'd get in anywhere of course and what do
you know i got in somewhere. now i'm sure i won't get into
any in canada. just all the ones around here. and that
would suck...or it just might make everything that much
easier. hmm...i guess we'll find out...who knows where life
will take you tommora...anywho my heart is doing better
today, it didn't do anything funky. then again i didn't
fall asleep in class. almost but not quite. we're reading
a book in english that i like at lot, margerat attwoods
"handmaid's tale" it's really cool...depressing as shit,
but i likes it! today was a somewhat bad day.....lea told
me some stuff about one of my friends not liking me..that
made me really sad.....i was pretty down after hearing
that. hurt a lot. anywho i also found out matt is going to
the snow dance. hehe i'm gonna have fun with that. and he's
going with laura. what could be worse? or more
fun...muahahhahahaha. we'll hafta see. he's not ruining my
night like he did last year that's for damn sure. i'm gonna
have fun and he's not. take that asshole! on another note
me and lee talked a lot today, i was happy....i have a
wierd sorta freindship balance. haha. anywho other than
that, not much is up. had to make dinner and babysit my
neighbour's kid, had a violin lesson..blah blah. leave a
message dammit!!!!