Adia's Crusade
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2001-12-13 01:37:09 (UTC)

Pepperoni Forgiveness

Today was uneventful. Went to school at 10:15; got to spend good old quality time with the guidance counselor
for our "school improvement" class. I just about fell asleep during algebra this morning. Talked with my
friends Erin and Ally at lunch--I found myself with little to say (as usual). Got bored again in my other classes.
School is the dullest creation of the entire earth.

I had Confirmation class today. We had pepperoni pizza and talked about Christ forgiving us and stuff. Then we
played a really dumb game of religious charades which wasn't worth our time at all. Besides...I don't like
pepperoni pizza from the local pizza place. It's odd, but somehow, during my entire week, I feel least religious
in Confirmation. I don't like what our teacher tells me...every day I find being Catholic a little harder. I've
considered becoming a Methodist many times, but I find that I'm too attached to the idea of the importance of
Mary. I have too many opinions that differ from Protestants' to go that route, but I don't agree with Catholic
teachings at all. So every night I console myself over a peanut butter cookie, a glass of milk, and my teen Bible.

I've been walking through my days like a zombie lately. I find myself setting little goals and schedules so that
I don't have too much time to worry about myself. I'm frustrated with our band director...she's bound and
determined to prove that percussion is unnecessary. She won't let me play the trap set for when we play at b-
ball games even though I'm the only one that can do it. That just adds one more little thing to irritate me
among all the rest, so I find myself desperately trying to use up my time just so that I don't have to
concentrate on myself and the things that worry me.

Writing is hard tonight. It's not coming naturally like it does's boring. I wonder what the moon
looks like's too cloudy to tell.

Signing off,