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2001-12-13 01:04:23 (UTC)

Mmmmmm tired and sore

Just woke up another dream that no doubts parallels the one
Misty had last night - or at least I hope it was as bad...
so tired still, and sore a bit - feels weird waking up
without your voice girl... Almost expecting the phone to
ring here any second, even though it isn't yet but ya...

I guess halifax is a waste because coping, minus steve,
proved to be elitests so i make no album - lol - because
I'm above their bullshit! irony... haha! ah, ha, ya,
um , er, ya... idiots - some things never change; "the
song remains true" is an applicable "coping" tune that
applies, even if it is just a Led Zepplin ripoff of "The
Song Remains The Same" - wow - seething with originality...)
so much for supportive!