life thru my eyes
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2001-12-13 00:47:07 (UTC)

No time for chilling in the winter

Mood: so stressed
Food Status: boring dinner
Time: 7:40
Music: classical (yes, dorky, i know)

I haven't had time to write for almost a week. Exams are
coming up and i procrastinated 2 projects. I had two weeks
to do them and ended up doing them both over the span of
two days. My schedule has been school, track practice,
homework, dinner, more homework, talking to Kevin on the
phone, and sleep. I'm so exausted. In everyone else's
life, weekends are for resting and catching up on the sleep
missed during the week. In Amanda's reality, I go to sleep
around 2AM, then wake up early to get in as much time with
Kevin as possible since i don't get to see him throughout
the week. We're both about to fall over from exaustion.
We've both been stressing out about Christmas and school.
His exams were this week. I was glad i didn't get a chance
to talk to him last night, he had studied for 6 and a half
hours and was not in a good mood. I was hoping we could
both have an unstressful weekend but Christmas shopping
must be done. He's done, i already have my present. I'm
very exicted. He let me pick it out. Its the most
beautiful diamond ring ever. I adore it. However, i've
only got half of his present and we have to open presents
this weekend since he'll be spending the rest of christmas
with his family. Well, i must go call him. i know this
was a boring rambling about kevin. maybe i can be more
interesting later.