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2001-12-13 00:03:32 (UTC)

One. A New Clean Slate.

Well, finally, I've set up a web-diary. Not finished my
aspects of French essay yet, but exactly 501 words to go. I
could finish it darts style. Yup. So far I'm quite proud of
what I've done. I've managed to stay suitably alert, on-
topic and concise, and not make too many jibes about things
I hate. It might get tougher though as I seem to have run
out of ideas and Thierry Henry is cropping up a little too
often for my liking.

Other than that, Í'm worried about other things too. I've
started using a spoonful of tea rather than a tea spoon,
and its causing havoc with my hot drink ritual. I would
normally have one with each finished segment (be it a song
or a 500 word block) but not now, its too strong when I
have one.

I've had quite a quiet day, watched a bit of TV to get
focused just now, and it worked, I got another 400 words,
and I can't argue with that. I just need more for
adjectives, I keep forgetting what I mean to write and then
when I get to it its already gone.

I spoke to my Grandma for the first time in a long time
today, phoned her this morning to wish her a happy
birthday. I got the wrong day. It was yesterday. Still,
worse things have happened on missed birthdays.

I've been out to help a mate with his essay, Language
Pathology, not because he needed the help, he didn't, it
was just a case of someone to sound ideas off - give a bit
of support. I'm happy to do that as long as people are
happy to do it for me too. I've become a bit reliant on
phoning home this semester, and my mum still knows so
little about my life. I'd like her to know more, but it
would bore her, or so I fear.

I even got to see Brookside tonight. Its great, all those
scouse accents, like heaven itself. All they need is to not
have bright red hair, and they're onto a winner, it seemed
like it to me anyway, all the guys looked great, and the
girls looked very sexy. Not what you should come out of a
soap with, but still, each to his own.

Anyway, I ought to get back to the grindstone.

WAILT? The Way You Make Me Feel - Steps.