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2001-12-12 23:55:50 (UTC)

Scones with Clotted Cream

In Lit we are having a Jane Austen memorial tea on Friday,
since we are reading "Pride and Prejudice", and Laura and I
are getting way too into it. We went shopping today, and
bought gloves to wear for when we dance (even though Laura
got the good gloves, and I was stuck with the gimpy ones),
and we made scones and clotted cream FROM SCRATCH, which
was a lot harder than it was supposed to be. We had to use
this huuuuge bowl (do you have any idea how much flour 9
cups is?!?) and the dough stuck to everything. But they are
really good too... we have a knack. So now all we have to
do is finish putting together outfits, and oh yeah, study
for our huge test tomorrow!

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