2001-12-12 23:50:03 (UTC)

Not So Special Day

Crazy day, that's what this is! Crazy!! Ugh! The *person*
was wearing a maroon sweater! So was I!! Ugh!! It looked so
weird!! ::shudders:: I don't think i like that person
anymore.. It's useless anyway!! hahahaha!! Today sucked!!
Suck suck suck!! Not crazy.. hahaha.. Oh!! I'm listening
to "I'll Fly with You" but Gigi D'Agostino (sp?) I found
my old songs!! They remind me of beginning of sixth grade..
When Lyn liked Eric.. I thought he was pretty nice on Nov
20-something, then hated him 7 days later (what a change of
heart..).. when I started making stories (on the last day
before winter vacation..) when I had to do an egyption
project and I made a little song in the tune of "This is
the way we blah blah blah..":
"I got the tools to mold the clay, mold the clay, mold the
hahaha.. then scott was like, "What?!?" haha.. oh, the

"I still believe in your eyes..
I just don't care what you've done in your life,
baby, I'll always be here by your side,
Don't leave me waiting too long, please come by..
I'll fly with you.."

Bye now!!

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