ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2001-12-12 23:10:54 (UTC)

SeX and VioLenCe, SeX and VioLenCe, SeX and VioLenCe..........

Giovanni Ribisi is the hottest boy in the world. i just
wanna jump on him and do so much stuff with his sexy
bod.... ya, but sadly, no one knows who he even is. Well he
is in SubUrbia and Some Girl and GOne In 60 Sexs, i mean
Secs and a buncha other stuff.Oh, he is in Lost Highway for
like 5 seconds too. i am sooooooo glad that i didnt have
sex with Chris. hes soo,....weird.... but in a bad way. im
pissed that Jack said he wanted to fuck me, cuz he went and
later said he wanted to fuck Kat, so he obviously didn't
really mean it! that bastard....... anywho, Adam was soooo
flippen hot,... then he went and shaved off his mohawk, so
now hes bald! *sniff* i wonder if anything would happen
between me and Brian if he wasn't gay. he seems to
OBVIOUSLY like me, but hes gay! so it seems impossible.
Right now i cant decide between the cute boy i met at the
Guttermouth show or Eric... Im just soo confused!! ahhhhhh!

If TOmmy wasn't such a fucking loser, i might be
interested in him. hes cute and stuff, and, ya..... i dont
I think im gonna cut my hair soon, and maybe
dye it again. right now its past my shoulders and its
redish/brown. ill probably cut it to about the middle of my
neck and dye it Chocolate Cherry(dark purple/red) again.
oh, ill look so cute! heh heh... ya, exactly. everyone will
notice it 4 sure, but then again everyone fuckin notices
EVERYTHING i DO! what am i, just some fuckin person that
sticks out a lot or what? i dont go socialyzing with
everyone but yet, if i buy a new shirt or somethin and wear
like a jacket over it, everyone notices it and fucken says
somethin!!! i fuckin wish i was just invisible sometimes...
but oh-well. im not exactly an "Attention Wanter" like some
people i know. like Rafaela for example. She fuckin goes
and tries to kill herself for no reason?? i dont think so.
she just wanted attention. Ya, well that little bitch
ruined Whitneys birthday last year (she did it the night
before her party) and she did it Just For The Attention.
(freak). i got no respect for her. wow, that was almost a
year ago cuz Whitney's birthday is in a couple of days!
intersante..... well later.