Mind Unleashed
2001-12-12 22:49:25 (UTC)

Feeling like crap

Today i had to go to a faculty review meeting 'cause I've
been late to class quite a few times.The vice principal
made me feel like crap by making me feel like a bug that he
could step on.Even though to an extent I deserved it
because I was late to class and it's the only class that I
have all day.Next week I go back home-I'm sooo excited-I
haven't seen my family and friends in over 5 months-I miss
them sooo much!!!!Last week I took my GED test and it
seemed pretty easy even though my aunt tells me that I
shouldn't be so confident till I get my results even though
I can't help it.Hopefully I'll be getting into college in a
couple of weeks and who knows what'll happen then.Gotta get
some sleep and get ready for whatever's gonna happen
tomorrow. I'll write soon.