i guess this is what u want to read..
2001-12-12 22:31:52 (UTC)

glass cleaner!

whoa its been awhile. hah no pun in tended---but ne
way...the last time i wrote i think i was mad..who knows
who cares..not me...today was very exciting..not really but
i saw...umm yea *HIM* but i see him everyday and everyday i
sigh..but thats just the start..today i was telling tiff
how i realllllllyyyy liked him..and she told me that if i
liked him that much i must try and get him!..haha..and then
we were being so immature and putting candy bars in out
mouths and like spitting them out..then we were talking
about who in our class are virgins or not..it was very fun,
and then we laughed like crazy..god i love my tiff..hah ne
way..um...in pd. C i had some laughs..throwing sponges are
fun.and putting paint on other people is too..hah..right
now i am talking on AIM..and i think my dad and i are going
xmas shopping later..but for now..bye..

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