ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2001-12-12 22:27:30 (UTC)

VoWEl oF SiLenCE

Ya, um , today was a very cold day. Who knew it
could get so freakin cold in Arizona! Its snowing in
Flagstaff and stuff... intersante. N*E*WayZ, i got out of
school early cuz we had a half-day, but it seems like it
was a whole day. X-Mas is comming soon and i still haven't
gotten anyone anything. i dont really plan on doing that
any ways. Everyone knows i dont have a job, so i cant buy
nothin! Jawbreaker is a cool band. My brother has liked
them since,...forever i guess... so i like em too. i like
Pinback and Three Mile Pilot too. good emo/ i dont know
what bands. I had a cigarette today and i havent had one in
sooooooooooo fuckin long and......... it felt so good just
standing there smoking it. Im supposed to go with Paulina
and Brittany and Styx and Amber and get drunk (in 2 days)
so im a bit syked. but i kinda am not, but thats just the
mood im in right now. later on ill be syked again. i dont
really care for the band P.O.D., but i was listening to
their cd and im in love with their song "Youth of the
Nation" right now. i like the beat of it... its pretty cool.

Today Kat was on a "Vowel of Silence" because a couple
of years ago, Brian (I forget his last name) was murdered
by a fucking jock because he was a punk. it was a total
hate-crime, and i just think that is totoally fucked up,
especially since the jock got away with it, away with

Well i wrote too much. later.

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