Inanity in Action
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2001-12-12 22:15:20 (UTC)


Back to record another exciting day of my life. I've
officially decided that this is going to be a type of dream-
journal for me, since I have fairly good dream recall.
Anyhoo, here's what I dreamt last night.

I am going with my parents and brother on a vacation, it
is raining hard, and the grass we are walking on is slicked
down with rain. A little girl in a yellow poncho is throwing
herself into puddles that don't appear to end, then pulling
herself out. I laugh because her actions are endearing.
We reach the hotel and I have a fuzzy recolection of
talking to people and demonstrating some sort of superiority.
I find myself in a room that seems to look like a giant
apple, inside it is very cluttered. An old woman sitting
there, doing something I cannot see. I walk until I am face-
to-face with her and ask what she is doing. She shows me an
egg-carton filled with what look like small blue and purple
eggs. When I ask what they are, she pulls one out and shows
me that it is a small skull. She takes what looks like a
purple ceramic apple and places the skull inside, then pushes
the apple into a large, dusty bottle. Though the neck of the
bottle is much too small, she pulls the apple back out again,
and this time it looks like a perfectly natural fruit. She
places the apple next to a pile of other apples.
I realize that the apples are like the poison apples
that killed Snow White, and am so disturbed by this that I
wander out of the room and into a hallway. There are three
rooms in the house, but I only remember two. The middle one
calls nothing to mind but the color blue.
In the third room is an old, stern, scary woman with
long, dark gray hair. I travel between the first and second
rooms for a while, and I know I had several conversations
with both women. One time in the third room, I took an old-
fashioned telephone that was sitting on a counter and moved
it, I'm not sure why. The stern woman saw and panicked. She
demanded that I move it back, and even after I had kept on
saying that the Serpent would get me, and she chased me back
to the first room.
We were pursued by the shadow of a panther, (I think it
might have had wings), with a serpent's tongue. In the first
room, the two women huddled in fright against the wall until
the panther-shadow went away.
I studied the panther-shadow for a while, then the dream

Well? Any opinions anyone? Does anyone read this thing


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