my mind is overflowing with crap!
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2001-12-12 21:45:17 (UTC)

to damn busy

over the next few weeks i'm just way to busy!
starting friday i othello test, my childrens
story due, and a commerical due
Saturday i have my massage clinic at 9 in the morning and
i'm getting pretty nervous about that!!!!!
Next wednesday i have my manuscript due, and an essay
next thursday i have my math test
and on firday i have my driving test for my G licence
scarrey!!!! and i have my big presentation in english to do
and i hate going in front of the class.
then i'm free to party it up ....OH YEAH!
sunday we are having christmas with my dad's family...but
it all depends on how my grandma is by then because she
just got admitted to the hospital a few hours ago for
possibly colen cancer...and then christmas eve,
christmas..the 26th i'm sneaking of the house for a big
road trip to a university party...CAN'T WAAAAAIT!
Then on the 29th i'm leaving for montreal for 4 nights to
just PARTY!!!!
I can not even wait for the next two weeks to be over