stars in the sky emo in the heart
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2001-12-12 21:29:08 (UTC)

usless dreams for useless people.

i had a dream last night. of everyone telling me what to
do. so then i just put my headfones on went to sleep and
dreamt of you.

gosh i love that song. i only like unknown emo. its the
best and most creative.

but enough about my music. lets talk about me.

my name is tina. my friends sometimes call me emotina. its
funny. im 19 and not in college.

my life is really boring. i go to work (which is a rite aid
2 blocks away from my house -i live w/ my parents still-)
listen to music go to shows and just hang out with my 2
friends and boyfriend. i have blonde hair which i recently
dyed black for a more emo effect. they all said i looked
like a cheerleader.

when i was 15 i got my tongue pierced against my moms
wishes. thats when she basically disowned me. so i went on
to get a few tattoos and some more piercings. so now i like
with my dad and step mom who take care of me. my step mom
is about 25 (yes i know young). my dads not bad looking for
his age thats why it never surprised me he got a wife so
young. but shes big into the emo scene too. my dad just
lets her do what she wants. i usually hang out with her a
lot thats why i live with my dad.

i dont go to shows as much as i used to. well of course not
a lot come here. just sum local bands trying to hit big.
sell outs. mostly punk come from here. well when you live
on a border of NY there are so many bands trying to get
sumwhere. but mostly garage favorites suit me. i tried to
start my own all chick punk band but none of my friends
play intruments so that never worked out.

i always wonder if ill be stuck ringing up people at rite
aid or actually get a good job or go to college.

i have a boyfriend. his name is Jayleb. he basically takes
care of himself. im not ready to be tied down just yet
thats why i dont move in with him.

ive got some other guys liking me that always come into my
work. ones kyle. big into the scene but not really my type.
and then theres this other guy greg who just isnt anything.
just there. kinda weird if you ask me. jay always thinks im
gunna cheat on him. i wont. i cant.

but theres a party tonight i have to be preped.

tk yr stps awy frm m

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