Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-12 21:16:43 (UTC)

Well, its been like a day since..

Well, its been like a day since I've written, not too much
has happened. I talked to Zack, and as much as I told
myself and everyone else that I was over him, I realized
that I'm not even close to over him after hearing his voice
come out of the reciever. But the good news is.......he
still likes me! He told Liz(my sister) that he still likes
me a lot he's just too busy to have a girlfriend right now,
but he wants to get back together when this thing is over,
and he's still gonna call me every night and stuff! And on
saturday were going to Marci's to play pool! I can't wait I
hope this all works out well. Things are goign really good
right now for me, everything with friends and family is good
(I'm pretty sure anyways), the only thing that is not so
good is my grades right now. I just havent been in the mood
to really try on my homework lately. Oh well, I'll be fine,
I think that I still have A's. I found that I have been
meeting a lot of new people lately, and hopefully making a
lot more friends! I LOVE IT! I think that I am finally
officially coming out of my shy shell!lol Well, I guess
when I think of something important to type or something
happens, I will write somethign better, but for now~ this
is all u get! Send me feedback!