A Worse Disposition Then Yours
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2001-12-12 20:38:54 (UTC)

::punches wall:: ::hole in wall:: ::world explodes from too much anger::

I would have wished you a good afternoon like I would
have on a normal day, excluding yesterday, but I just had
my whole --cencored-- day ruined!! I would tell you but I
would type too much or hit the keyboard too hard and break
my new laptop. That would make me even more angry and the
world would be in mortal peril. All are luck that typing
calmes my nerves. BBL when I calm down more effectively and
the world is again safe...unless Dragonball Z stops playing
reruns and I miss it. We would have to move to Mars because
earth would be the remnants of my diamond ring.
Does anyone have a blowtorch?

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