I am a goddess
2001-12-12 20:22:12 (UTC)

Cheese - the food of satan

Pig pig pig pig i just ate a huge slab of cheese. Cheese is
banned. It is way too packed in calories. I always fuck up
somehow. Im gonna have to be sick again. Ive been doing
quite well today i did some aerobics at school and im gonna
start going to the gym (maybe with ailsa?) shes fun and she
understands. Today i have consumed 2 hot chocolates 35 cals
each a cup a soup 60 cals. A chicken sandwich 200 cals and
a pkt crisps (BAD BAD BAD) 118 cals. The icing on the cake
tho was the cheese (5 zillion billion cals an once) oooohh
fuck. if i hadnt have had that cheese i would have just
had 450 cals (nearly) which is great. So im gonna have to
get rid of the cheese. Fuck fuck fuckety fuck. Arse
bandits. I hate being sick, but its the price i pay for
being a twat and eating too much.