The Craig "Crazy Cooter/Machine" Kazda
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2001-12-12 19:31:32 (UTC)

Last Night

To take a shower, or not to. Well the answer of that
question is easy, but when. I could be doing it right now,
but I'm not. Instead I am writing in my journal. So, last
night. What I night. I almost killed myself (except not
really)! Finals suck. I was up to all hours of the
night...studying for my chem. final, but my efforts would
be interrupted with a little mission. But I will get to all
of this later. I have gotten ahead of myself.

Until about 6 o'clock, not a whole lot happened here at
LVC. Then it was the Pit Dinner for Marching Band. I never
thought that we would have it, but low and behold, we did.
This was the evening that the Pit awards were to be given
out. The important back story to this is that we here at
LVC had staff tryouts a few weeks ago. Nick was our "Pit
coordinator" this year and was trying out again. Davis (HER
name is Lauren Davis, but she likes to be called by her
last name) also tried out. When the results were posted,
Davis, NOT Nick was pissed. None of us saw that one coming,
and most of the people in the pit were pissed.

So, the entire pit was at this dinner, the former captain
and the new one. Let me tell you, there was so much tension
in that room that you could cut it with knife. Because
there was not table for 8 people, we had to sit at two
separate tables. I ended up sitting with Davis (or to be
more exact, Davis sat with me). So for the most of the
evening, I hear Davis's little snide comments about what
she is going to do next year. She did little things that
weren't completely rude, but were just uncalled for. Then
she gave Nick his gift for being coordinator for this year.
The first thing he said is "Wow, it came in a NUTCRACKER
bag!" Now I don't know if it had the meanings that it may
have had. I personally took it in the worst way. It may not
have been meant that way though, but who is to say.

So the awkwardness continues. We were supposed to get Pit
Awards for the season, but apparently Nick had forgotten.
Being Finals Week (or WEEK FROM HELL-whatever you would
like to call it) I really didn't mind that he had them. So
Davis sends Nick a note saying "Is there awards?" She could
have just said it and not been as rude. But maybe I have
been reading into these things too much. So he made up
awards. I was the 2001 winner of the "Most
Animatronic", "Best Oiled (or most mechanical-I don't
remember)", and "Most Likely to Push a Piece of Equipment
(i.e. Laura)". So, that was the Pit dinner. I found it
rather entertaining myself.

So, back to the grind for about a half an hour, until I got
interrupted again. This is what I said that the beginning
of the entry. Payonk, a guy down the hall, had a great
idea. Lets kidnap our RA Chris Karpinen. Ya, great idea!
I'll join in! The sad thing is, that I did. So at 12:00
midnight (zero hundred hours for those of you on military
time), we meet in Payonk's room to plan the strike. I
myself was dressed in all black for the stealth operation.
We decided that it would be funny if I wore my Santa had, I
now I am dressed in all black with this silly bright red
Santa hat on the top of my head. Codenames were assigned
and I was Papasiso. I really don't know why, so don't ask!
So, 12:15 came and "Operation Kidnap the Philippino" was
set into motion.

By 12:16, it was over. A crash-and-burn. Here is what
happened. Payonk went into Chris's room and throw a plastic
grenade at him, which hit him in the side of the face.
Payonk then lured Chris into the hall, where we attacked
him. Scott Broody jumped him with a bed sheet, and Drew was
in charge of duct taping him. Sadly, Drew knocked him in
the nose, and well, it started bleed. We stopped and he
gave us 5 seconds to get out of the hall, or otherwise he
would write us up. Within two seconds, we were
gone. "Operation Kidnap the Philippino" was a failure. So I
went back down to the lounge to TRY to study, but that
never happened. Instead, I sat and talked with everyone.
Another again, a possibly productive evening wasted! HA.

What was I studying for? My chem. final. How did it go? It
sucked. Not really, but it was three hours long. It
wouldn't end. 17 pages of Chemistry fun. One of the
problems, I had no clue what I was doing, so I made up some
crap and put it down as a answer. I don't even think that I
was close. Everything else was what I had studied. Did I
tell you that finals SUCK!!! But I only have two more left.
One tomorrow (American National Government) and one on
Friday afternoon (Modern Latin America). Then I get to go
home. Hurray! Well, I guess that it is time for me to get
into the shower.

Talk to you again soon,

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