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2001-12-12 18:07:44 (UTC)


I need to keep practicing my abilities... I'm getting
rather slow x.x. Well, I found out last night that Maria is
a very interesting girl, not really as creepy as I
originaly thought. She's not in a good mood, so I think I'm
gonna try to cheer her up a bit.

Also, I have planter warts in my foot! :D I may get to have
foot surgury to remove them, hehe. Dont ask me why I laugh,
I laugh at the weirdest things o.o

Not much else is going on really... I'm sorta bored and I
want it to be oct. 4th right now! ^.^

Oh hey! If anyone reads this and knows stuff about psychic
abilities (telepathy, empathy) please help me! I want to
start practicing these