my thought's deep inside
2001-04-04 13:14:13 (UTC)

Life is going to change

Dear Diary:

So today is the big day i'm finally 16 years old! i feel
great and i had a good time at my grandparents last night! i know
life has been hard for me but it's all coming together now i'm moving
back to my dad's and we can be a loving family again. i know deep
down inside i'm going to miss being there with the foster home. it's
hard to face the fact that i classify them as family. I'm going to
miss all the fun times me and Tarl had together as we lived with each
other for the past year and half. I'm also going to miss spending
time with Shannon. We wrote letter's all the time, i will really miss
being there for her when she needed someone to talk to. i helped her
through troubled times with her feelings and other thing
i will miss her the most. even though i liked her i didn't let my
feelings for her get in the way of my judgement, i thought of her as
my sister and friend and alway's will, and i will never stop caring
about her! as much as i would not like to say i know i will miss the
parent's and staff we've had over this time and the little one's
they had together. i want you all to know i love you all like family
and you all will alway's have a place in my
Sincerely your's
Christopher Bryan Dezell