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2001-12-12 17:03:34 (UTC)

And now for something completely different

As the title says, it's time for something a bit off
the previous topic.....Today, on my way into work, I let my
foot slip off the brake, and didn't even notice, and bumped
the car infront of me.....I didn't hit them hard, and we
decided no damage was done to his SUV, so he drove off and
so did I. The point though is this.......I wasn't paying
attention and it could have gotten me into deep crap.
lately it's ben like that.....I'm not entirely sure why,
but I've been very distracted, and havn't paid enough
attention to anything of late. I havn't even been able to
spot books right infront of my face. Maybe I've just had
alot on my mind, who knows.
now, back to something a bit mroe familiar, but it'll
be short, I promise, no rant, no rave just a comment or
two. First, For someone to love you, you have to be
special to them, adn it's hard to be that when you're doing
teh same thing everyone else is doing to try and get them a)
into bed, b)to go out with them, or c) have a meaningful
relationship. Secondly, When you love someone, the first
thing to remember, and probably the most important, is
don't push it, it only makes it harder for anything to
start, and makes t slightly uncomfortablefor them to be
around you when they don't want you to think any affection
they show you, is an inclination that they are interested.