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2001-12-12 16:37:30 (UTC)

Crazy Days and 'Wednesday'

Well wednesday equals quadrouple science!!!ahhhh!!!Double
Physics and Double Chemistry!help.boredom in the house of
me.snore snore.But i did concentrate anyway seeing as its
like, 3 more days til end of term (ahhh!i CANNOT
W8!)...Miss Johnston was away today so it meant more boring
crosswords and boring questions from the boring
textbook...and Mr Foster was just plain mention
of Christmas(heeellllooo ne1 in there!?)?!
Shivana was bing weird and so was Daphne but neway, I got
on with my life as usual. Anita and i had a gd laf @ lunch
wen we completely embarrassed oursleves by shouting
reallllly loudly when there was a school play going on.
Miss Murfet and Mrs Williamson looked at us in disgust so
we ran 4 it..we seem to do alot of running these days.
well i CANNOT w8 til end of term only 1 ana hlf mor
days....yesssssssss yessssssssss yessssssssss.

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