What's up now?
2001-12-12 16:07:07 (UTC)

on to another day.....

So in the midst of all these damn finals, I have managed to
relax a little too...In between the visits to the library
and studying here in my room, last night I got to play!!!
Like I was 5 was cool...We played with Play-
dough, colored, painted, decorated, and even FINGER
painted!!! It was great :) Ahh how I miss those
days...haha not really but it was fun!!! Then I came back
and studied a little more, then rachel and I got some food,
and sat down to watch Pearl Harbor...I didnt get to watch
most of it, because my baby called!! I was excited..but I
miss him SO much, I just have to wait 3 more days, and I'll
be able to see him, but still, thats a long ways away!!! It
will just make seeing him all that much better right? yep!
Then I went and hung out with Jacob and we talked. That
was nice too...Talked to Woody and Dallas some, Woody
freaked me out with his big red beard so close to my
face...haha J/K...
All in all, it was a fun night...OH and Rachel babysits for
this little boy Connor and yesterday as his mom and he were
leaving she gave me $20! Isnt that great!!! Just because
I help out with Connor and stuff was sweet!!!
Alright well back to my studies...I have a final in an hour
and I'm scared shitless...