Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2001-12-12 16:00:31 (UTC)

The Lump

Why does fate vex me thus?!
Am I an evil man? Must my existence be tormented by
putrid protuberances upon my posterior!? Has my life
been so selfishly led as to admit the presence of
ghoulish forces which run amok in my body, my temple.
Why have I been so befouled!?
Nary a day passes in which I do not contemplate the
dark tides which do awash my essence in viscous
pitch. My heart is heavy with the curd of guilt and
frustration and yet my mind wanders recklessly through
the chilled wastelands of misanthropy. It is not due to
my avoidance of other men but my supreme hatred that
has cast this curse upon me.

Woe is to mine
Sorrow to thine
Souls forever
Bound with twine