2001-12-12 15:26:16 (UTC)

This kinda sucks

Well, I went to go to school this morning, and we had to
turn around and come home. We knew the roads were bad when
we left, but we wanted to see if we could make it anyway.
Well, we made it a little bit past Rocky Mountain
Elementary, Amanda went to turn a corner, and her wheel
would move, but the car didn't. So she's like "fuck this,
we're going home." So we start to head back, have the same
problem pretty much the whole way home. We went to turn in
the park, there was a car coming right at us, and her car
wouldn't turn. We almost ran into the gate trying to make
it. I guess when Amanda dropped me off, she almost ran in
to the Snotasses fence because the car wouldn't turn, and
her car wouldn't stop. Crazy shit man.
Well, I really wanted to go to shcool today, but it's
alright. I have all the work here that I need to finish the
work I would have done at school. Now whether I work on it
is another story. I still have to get started on my day
before I promise anything.
I went to sleep way early last night. I layed down to watch
tv and I conked out. I fell asleep right after Road Trip. I
don't know why I was so tired, but I was.
Amanda is supposed to meet me online like now, and she's
not on, so I'm gonna try to call her. I'll update later.