Procrastination is Key
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2001-12-12 15:07:11 (UTC)

Exam Update

Ok- I have finally taken my first exam- and it was Spanish.
I realized last night as I heard people talk and looked at
away messages that many people were very stressed over this
exam. When I realized I wasn't, that is when I started to
worry a little. I did study of course and as far as I can
tell, if I did stuff wrong it wasn't b/c I studied 2 hours
instead of 6, so I think I did the right thing:-p
Last night I did realize something else that made me feel
better about spanish however. At taking another look at how
our grade is made up percentage wise by all the work and
tests and stuff we did, I was happy to find out that the 5
minute oral interview does NOT actually count for 15% which
I had feared and thought was very stupid. It said final
interview 15% on the website, but I see that it is broken
down into things like 7.5 for our poster and other little
stuff like that- so eventhough I screwed up my oral
interview like crazy, it will not be affecting me as much:)

On to another matter which does not have much to do with
exams. I went to bed last night at 11pm, b/c I knew that I
was not used to getting up for things which took place at
8am:-p WELL- I know that it was at least an hour and a half-
12:30 when I finally got out of bed b/c I had laid there
so long without falling asleep that I had to go to the
freakin bathroom again!! and then who knows how long it
took me to fall asleep on my second try! I have always
known that I am a person who takes more time than most to
fall asleep- but that is just ridiculous- and it happened
the night before too, maybe not quite as long- but at least
an hour! So now of course I am tired and eventhough it is
only 10:00 AM I am ready for a nap!
Maybe I will just get in the bed with my comp 14 notes and
if I fall asleep, so be it:-p I have another really long
break b/w exams so I am not feeling the stress yet. There
is one on Fri and then 2 on Sat. I'm not going to even
think about monday's exam until after the bball game on
Sun, and then FINALLY, I will be outta here.
Ok- crawling upstairs now.

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