My Life
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2001-12-12 14:56:34 (UTC)

It didn't hurt to say I was sorry...

Yesterday morning I smashed my finger tip. I closed a heavy
drawer right on the tip of my index finger and it hurt so
bad, it's really bruised and it kind of put me in a bad
mood. Work was hard, things were bothering me.
I had wished on the way home that Terry would call, perhaps
he'd cheer me, which he must have felt it, because he did
call on the way home. So we continued to talk while I was
walking in the house and here is my cat and dog munching on
an elk summer sausage. When I smashed my finger I went to
get an ice cube and some meat fell out of the freezer.
Evidently I missed a stick and it thawed and they were
munching on it during the day, it was almost all gone. I had
a huge mess to pick up and I was really angry at my dog for
doing that. (Not that I think she'd behave and leave it
alone, she is a dog after all). So I'm angry and scolding
her and i said something about how now she'd get the runs
and he tells me, see, that's why I don't feed my dog any
table food, and I took it as he was criticizing me for
giving her some table food as a treat, and i cut him off and
said, oh, like your dog wouldn't eat it if it was right in
front of her, and he cuts me off, and says, Michele, can I
please finish my sentence....and what he meant was that he
doesn't feed her that becase it gives her the runs. Well, I
was taken back because he put me in my place and I was
grumpy and didn't like it. So he said, well I guess you have
to go to pick up and so we hung up. Then he called me back
later and left a message, I wasn't goingto call but decided
that was childish. But I kept getting a busy signal
(something is wrong with his cell) but when he called back I
was still grumpy and quiet, we talked a bit, he asked, so
you don't have much to say? I said no, not really, so we
hung up and it felt horrible.
I thought about it this a.m. and i called Terry this a.m.
and apologized. He said, for what? I told him that I was
sorry about last night, that I had a bad day, I was grumpy
and I felt like he got on me and I wasn't in the mood. I
told him that he was right, I didn't let him finish his
thought. He said, well, we sometimes have those days, it's
ok. And now I feel better and i realized that I was able to
apologize and it wasn't painful.
I'm suppose to meet someone new this Friday. This is a total
blind date. He knows someone who works with my cousin. We
spoke for the first time last night and he sounded nice. We
may go see his friends play in a band somewhere. He's
suppose to call to let me know where. I'll meet him there.

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