emo kween

i hug pillows
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2001-12-12 14:33:13 (UTC)

puke and more puke.

i hate being sick. ive been throwin up for the past 2 days.
its gross and hurts. i was at the point where there was
nothing at all to puke but i had to it it was just awful...
but atleast ive been outta school. and for some reason some
think that the only reason im at home is because of
cameron. why does everything i do have to be about him??
sheesh. dumb people.

and nothing has really been going on.

i like adam and want things to work out between us...but he
doesnt understand me sometimes and it makes me mad....

and im still interested in ben and he likes me but..i have

i think i need more sleep.

ill write more later i guess. bye.


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