My Life & My Memories
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2001-12-12 12:33:19 (UTC)


Jhoothi sachi aas pe jeena
Kab tak aakhir aakhir kab tak

Saamne duniya bhar ke gham hain
Aur idhar ek tanha hum hain
Senkdo pathar ek aaina
Kab tak aakhir aakhir kab tak

This is so true. Why should we live with a false hope
within us. I guess that this is the human mentality, living
with hopes, expecting too much out of it and in the end you
found yourself with nothing!! Why do we hope for something
that we know is never going to be ours??!!??

Yeh karen aur woh karen
Aisa karen waisa karen
Zindagi do din ki hai
Do din mein hum kya kya karen

This is also again so right..!!Life is so short. We keep
debating with us what is to be done in this short period of
time. You have no idea what is in row for you in the very
next second. Life is so unpredictable..!!

Got to do and assignment so got to go now..Will log in at
night once again if I have something to say..

Jai Shree Krishna..

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